Hi all,

It seems that we have grown too big for Groupsite. They are now going to start charging for groups over 50 members. We are now at 86 members. I love their easy to use calendar, but since we don't take dues, I don't want to end up paying for the site.

I know some of you have already moved over to the Facebook page, but for those that haven't, the link is here:


While I will definitely miss the nice calendar, some of you will be glad of Facebook's mobile features, which we did not have with Groupsites free website.

You will have to join Facebook, if you don't already have an account. Also, you will have to ask to join our Kirkland Moms Network group. I set it up that way, so people will feel safer about putting addresses for playdates or even just where they are going to be with their children. I felt this was appropriate for the type of group we are, so sorry for that inconvenience ahead of time.

We hope you will continue participating in our moms group. If not, then thank you for being part of the group until now. I've really enjoyed getting to know those of you that I've met. Take care and hope to see you on Facebook (feel free to friend me if you want!)

Thank you,

Sonya Faugno



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